want to give an interview?

Interested in sharing your startup story and helping the next generation of entrepreneurs? We are currently interviewing startups that have been part of, or are about to join an accelerator program. If this is you, let us know!

We are always on the lookout for founders with great stories and advice about their startup experiences. We want to hear it all, all the pitfalls, all the luck, all the mistakes that you once thought were good ideas, and all the advice that you would like to give to others starting out.

If this sounds like something that you would like to do, drop us a short message about yourself and a links to projects and associated press. We recive a lot of requests for interviews, so please do not take it personally or feel discouraged if we do not manage to get back to you immediately.

We carry out our interviews in two stages. We start with a short Q&A interview and then 6 months down the road we reconnect for a video call to see how things have progressed from where you were when we last spoke to where you are now.

Please send your email to info (at) vineup. com and put “interview” in the title.


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