Presentation on different ways to use Cell References in excel – Very informative

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This is one of a serious of great videos posted by a professor that teaches excel business related courses. His presentations are really clear and easy to follow.

This 50 minute video shows 15 examples of how to use Cell References:

  1. Relative Cell References
  2. Absolute Cell References
  3. Mixed Cell References With Column Locked
  4. Mixed Cell References With Row Locked
  5. Formula for Commissions
  6. Formula for Deduction Calculation
  7. Multiplying Table for Memorization Trick
  8. Financial Forecast Formula (Budget Formula) 4 examples
  9. Markup On Cost and Profit Formula
  10. Running Total Formula
  11. Conditional Summing Formula SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT Formulas
  12. Conditional Averaging Formula AVERAGEIF and SUMPRODUCT Formulas
  13. Conditional Formatting Formula for Row In Bank Reconciliation Table
  14. Conditional Formatting Formula for Highlighting Duplicates
  15. Data Validation Formula for Preventing Duplicates

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