Our interview with Guy Armitage Founder of Zealous – Launches today!

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Recently we caught up with Guy Armitage, Founder of a startup called Zealous. During our interview, Guy introduces us to Zealous while sharing his experience at SXSW.

logoWhat is Zealous?

Zealous is a completely new way of looking at creativity, we’re bringing together artists from all creative fields into one space where they can showcase their work, collaborate with one another and reach their audience. All for free.

What are you doing different to anyone else?

There are platforms out there that focus on certain creative fields, such as film, design, illustration. We believe that creativity should be treated as a whole. Fine artists need pictures of their work, musicians; sleeves for their music, film makers, writers…we’re giving creatives a space where they’re able to find those skills and share the evolution of their work.

We’re completely artist-centric. Every decision we make starts with “How is this going to support the artist?” We go to great lengths to put ourselves in a position where we understand the challenges our user base is facing. We’ve commissioned art pieces, an animation, and we’ve even written, directed and produced a short film called “Tech Support” with a team of 42 people sourced partially from Zealous.

What are you plans for the future?

We want Zealous to be synonymous with creativity, on a global scale. To do that we have a long term plan which will see us challenge the way the creative industries operate.

Our new platform (That launches TODAY) is a small step towards our vision; you can expect to see the works we curate online to make an appearance in the real world, as well as new services geared to help artists reach their audience.

Recently you attended the SXSW conference, how was the experience?

SXSW is unquantifiable; going there with a set of goals would only serve to frustrate due to the chaotic nature of the event.

The beauty of it is to embrace serendipity. I’ve met some very interesting people, some of whom I would have never had access to. I went to some fascinating talks that expanded my understanding of creativity, and subjects completely unrelated to my field which expand my understanding of the world beyond my focus.

Of course I met new bands and saw new films, but the value of SXSW lies with its people, the talks in the long waiting lines, the random rants in front of a breakfast taco and the chats whilst awkwardly huddling the rare power sockets scattered around the conference hall.

These 2 weeks have enriched me as a person, and even though this knowledge, and these contacts are not of immediate use to me, I know they will come into their own when I next come across an unforeseen challenge.

 A massive thank you to Guy for taking the time out of his busy schedule to put down some answers to our questions. We look forward to catching back up with Zealous next year to see how things have come along.


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