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For cyclists by cyclists

Connecting the cycling community

Press release

Crossa launch date: March 30, 2016

ITV’s Tour De France Presenter, Ned Boulting to launch a free mobile app for cyclists.


Crossa grew out of the combined cycling experiences of Founders, Agata Tomaszewska, Ned Boulting and Luke Deering. Crossa is the first non-competitive mobile app designed to connect and support the road cycling community, leveraging both the existing technical expertise and goodwill within the cycling community. Crossa also supports the efforts of cycling clubs to keep their members both connected and better informed on club related information such rides and events.

The app will launch once there are 10 users within 10 miles of the user that has downloaded Crossa.



If cyclists experience mechanical breakdown while cycling, Crossa helps them connect with other cycling enthusiasts that are able to pick them up or provide roadside support.


Cyclists can meet and connect with local fellow cyclists and invite others to join on rides.


Crossa is helping cycling clubs both grow their membership and take advantage of the cycling club Group message feeds. Cycling club Group messaging enables members to share content with one-another and be kept up to date on their cycling club related activities and rides.


Cyclists can see where bike shops are located around them, they can then reach out to shops if they have any questions or require bike servicing.

“Crossa is for every cyclist. It’s about community, communication and collaboration; not competition. For a rider like me, that side of cycling has long been neglected.”

– Ned Boulting, Co-founder @ Crossa


Agata Tomaszewska, is a passionate cyclist and Performance Sports Engineering PhD Candidate, Ned Boulting, has been the face of ITV’S Tour De France coverage since 2003, author and winner of The Royal Television Society Sports News Reporter of the Year, and Luke Deering, a serial Entrepreneur and author.

To download Crossa please click HERE

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Please do reach out with questions or interview requests

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Etape Caledonia 2013 - Ned Boulting
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