Introduction to XtGem! – We will be following them as they go through the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator

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Over the next 3 months on HTWABP, you’ll be able to follow 3 great startups, as we track their progress via video updates as they go through the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator program. Our goal with this is to bring you, almost in real time, the massive highs and lows that startups experience as they progress through an accelerator. SpringBoard Mobile Started in London last week, the programs goal is to cram a years worth of knowledge,  exposure and development into just 3 months. During this time the startups live and breath their company, meet 100′s of advices/mentors and receive a little bit of funding, somewhere around £15,000.

The third and final of the 3 startups that we will be introducing and then following is XtGem. We managed to catch up with co-founder Mindaugas Kriščiūnas, yesterday where he introduced us to their company and what they hope to gain from participating in an accelerator program. XtGem is founded by Povilas Musteikis, Mindaugas Kriščiūnas and Mindaugas Vitkus. XtGem, is a Lithuanian startup.

What is XtGem all about?

XtGem is a visual mobile site building tool, allowing users to build and maintain mobile sites, even without any programming knowledge.

Building sites from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour, XtGem streamlines the process by allowing a person without any technical background to build a fully-featured, completely-customizable mobile site in a very short period of time.

XtGem serves many purposes for many different people: From building personal sites and blogs, to developing fully-featured portals.

The product has already received recognition, especially from Asian countries. In total our number look like this: 1,000,000,000 pageviews / mo; 3,000,000+ registered active sites; +3,500 new signups per day. According to Quantcast we are number 1 site/service in Vietnam and Bangladesh, number 3 in Indonesia, number 4 in India, 5 in Sri Lanka, 7 in UAE and 8 in Singapore.

How did you come up with the idea for XtGem?

Povilas, Founder and CTO of XtGem, has been hacking the code since he was teenager. XtGem was an interesting engineering problem to tackle – building mobile sites using a mobile phone. After launching the initial product version, XtGem quickly gained critical mass and started growing – thus confirming the fact that there is a demand for an individual or a small business to have presence in the mobile web.

What are the top 3 things that you hope to gain from taking XtGem through an acceleration program?

Although the business is profitable, we have identified that our product could possibly fit the needs of several other types of customers. With the help of mentors and other teams we are trying to define the value propositions to these different sectors and through introductions in London, we hope to test our new revenue models.

With regards to growth in other parts of the world, our plan is to develop a marketing communications strategy and implement it with the help of the mentor networks and contacts. Finally, we are looking to establish relationships with ad networks, media agencies, and mobile operators.

What are you most looking forward to as you join the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator?

From previous experience at an accelerator I know that these 13 weeks drive the team to perform at 200% sharpness. It will make us focus, experiment and learn faster.

We look forward to following their progress via a video diary shortly! In the mean time, you can also follow their progress via their Twitter page

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