Introduction to We Are Pop Up! – We will be following them as they go through the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator

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Over the next 3 months on HTWABP, you’ll be able to follow 3 great startups, as we track their progress via video updates as they go through the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator program. Our goal with this is to bring you, almost in real time, the massive highs and lows that startups experience as they progress through an accelerator. SpringBoard Mobile Started in London last week, the programs goal is to cram a years worth of knowledge,  exposure and development into just 3 months. During this time the startups live and breath their company, meet 100′s of advices/mentors and receive a little bit of funding, somewhere around £15,000.

The second of the 3 startups that we will be introducing and then following is We Are Pop Up. We managed to catch up with one of their co-founders Mike Salter, yesterday where he introduced us to their company and what they hope to gain from participating in an accelerator program. We Are Pop Up is founded by:

Nicholas Russell – CEO
Nicholas’s commitment to high-scalability was inspired by advising large corporates on generating economic returns from social and environmental strategies. He has worked with organisations in China, Europe, India, the UK, and the US, and holds and MBA from the University of Oxford.

Alastair Moore – Chief Product Officer
Alastair is a UCL-based research scientist and entrepreneur with an interest in mobile, vision, optimisation, and machine learning. He is co-founder of The Mobile Academy – a joint mobile programme delivered with Mobile Monday London. He is Co-founder of UCL spin-out company, Satalia Inc., and an advisor to several companies that have successfully raised US investment.

Mike Salter – Creative Director
Mike has a vision of exciting, interactive urban experiences and environments. A painter from Dartmouth and UCL’s Slade School, he is passionate about opportunities for independent creators.

Luis Garcia Hamilton – CFO
Luis Hamilton-Garcia is a founder of Silver Lining Partners, a management consultancy based in London. He previously executed M&A transactions at Accenture in Argentina and holds an MBA from the University of Oxford.

What is We Are Pop Up all about?

We Are Pop Up makes it easy for people to find pop ups, for pop-ups to find space, and for landlords to find great tenants. We are London-based and currently UK-focused. Our long-term vision and platform are to create a global marketplace.

How did you come up with the idea for We Are Pop Up?

Nicholas Russell, WAPU CEO started with a simple problem: pop-ups can be generally difficult to locate, and harder to find in real-time. So we built the first app completely dedicated to finding and listing Pop Ups: The Pop Spot.

From there, Russell along with Alastair Moore (CTO), Luis Garcia Hamilton (CFO) and Mike Salter (Creative Director) saw a vast Pop Up landscape unfold. We were suddenly surrounded by creative individuals hosting ambitious start-up projects and unique strategies by inventive brands. London 2012 provided a global proving for pop-ups of all sizes, from McDonalds to Annex East.

We started a campaign to support and promote our catalog of pop-ups and were immediately flooded with requests to help find and broker available space. Here we found the much bigger systemic problem: lack of an appropriate commercial real-estate services. We began speaking with landlords, agents and entrepreneurs, finding that short-term tenancy agreements had similar transaction costs as proper leases. Our new mission is to a) create an online market for pop-ups, and b) bring liquidity to commercial retail.

What are the top 3 things that you hope to gain from taking We Are Pop Up through an acceleration program?

Product focus, relationships and collaborators, funding.

What are you most looking forward to as you join the SpringBoard Mobile accelerator?

We are testing and sharing our ideas with accomplished members of the technology and mobile community. The mentorship aspect of the programme is shaping and focusing our vision. The other teams are constant collaborators. Overall, our development is more focused and faster, our strategy is more informed, and our reach is broader.

We look forward to following their progress via a video diary shortly! In the mean time, you can also follow their progress via their Twitter page.

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